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His name was Mr Giggles and he always found a way

To keep himself concealed from all the children out at play

He’d creep right up behind them, a balloon clenched in his fist

‘Good day my love’ he’d whisper as he grabbed one by the wrist

‘I’ve an awful lot to show you in my cave here underground’

His lips were salivating at that innocent sweet sound

A scream, a gasp, the shock, oh my! Poor Billy does not know

The nightmare up ahead of him, the pain, the angst, the woe

And so it was that Billy went, to play with his new mate

The jester Mr Giggles, a clown so full of hate


Poor Giggles was misunderstood, it happened in his youth

It was his peers that tortured him, that made him so uncouth

It always starts a lonely clown, a fool who has no life

He cannot find a partner, and he surely has no wife

So easy to be tempted to the dark side of reality

Where pain and anger feed the beasts of envy, lust and vanity

Society leaves them behind, the public cast them out

They then return with chaos, spreading fury, fear and doubt

Our good friend Giggles was like this, he started not so bad

But when the world just turns its head, our clown is turning mad


They don’t want me, they look over me, inside my head

They just torture me, they rule over me, inside my head


A lesson here, it should be learned, for we are all to blame

We push the outcasts to the edge, just laughing at their shame

Perhaps old Giggles had no chance to show us who he is

Accepting him could surely have prevented all of this

But now instead, we’ve failed him and a monster is created

Apologies and such regrets are useless and belated

Instead we have to look inside, examine ourselves deep

Pursue real love to all, not just things rotten, foul and cheap

As soon as we abandon our materialistic right

We’ll then be spared this nightmare; Mr Giggles and his might


And so you see, my loving friends the tale of our dear clown

Its not a story to be told without a tear or frown

For those who hide the dark side of our personalities

A word of warning….

Thanks! Message sent.

WANTED: Help locating our dear clown, have you seen him around and about? If so please contact us using the form here

What does Mr Giggles want?

Who is he looking for?

Where is he?

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